This web site is ONLY FOR NEWS & INFORMATION about the various prescription medications available for treating a variety of health conditions (such as for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction – e.g. with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc).

This site not only has news & information about genuine, legal branded medications and treatments (such as Cialis, Levitra, & Viagra), but it also has information about legal generic medicines for treating erectile dysfunction (such as Sildenafil – now legal in the UK).

However, some generic medicines may NOT be currently licensed for legal sale in the UK. Therefore, this site also has news & information about generic (and counterfeit) drugs for treating erectile dysfunction, most of which are ILLEGAL (at least in the UK, at present).

There is also news & information about upcoming drugs, such as Flibanserin (for treating Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder [HSDD] in pre-menopausal women), or new medication now available, such as Spedra (UK) / Stendra (US) (avanafil – for treating erectile dysfunction in men).

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot buy prescription only medications (POMs – such as Levitra, Viagra, & Cialis), in the UK without a vaild doctor's prescription (either via the NHS or a private consultation). For a FREE private consultation (either online or by telephone) and a FREE private prescription & FREE delivery to UK addresses including Northern Ireland (if consultation is successful), just contact

With UKMeds4U you get:

  • FREE Consultation (Online/Telephone)
  • FREE Private Prescription
  • FREE Delivery to UK addresses including Northern Ireland (Royal Mail Special Delivery)
  • DISCREET Packaging/Delivery
  • GENUINE UK Branded Medication
  • REGISTERED UK Doctor Used (UK GMC Registered)
  • LEGAL UK Pharmacy Used (UK GPhC Registered)
  • SECURE Payment (Online/Telephone)
  • ESTABLISHED Business (based in the UK since 2005)
  • TRUSTED Service (more than 16,000 satisfied customers)

Through their UK e-Clinic, offer a range of genuine UK prescription medicine for men to help overcome the effects of erectile dysfunction (ED or male impotence – such as genuine Viagra, Cialis and Levitra). They also offer prescription medication for premature ejaculation (Priligy) and weightloss (such as Xenical), and non-prescription medication for male hairloss (such as Regaine, Propecia and Aindeem).

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